Sunday, May 01, 2011

School Pictures

Picture Clayton looking handsome for his school pictures. He did but he wouldn't let the photographer take his picture. Apparently I should have been spending money having his picture taken so he would be comfortable posing for the camera. Ha. When the teacher told me he wouldn't let them take his picture I just wanted to cry. Here is my version on that day....

Easter 2011

This has been a busy last 2 weeks. We had a good Easter. I had to work, yuck. I was on call which shouldn't have been too bad. But it was. I guess all the Hospice patient's felt comfortable with calling me -- so they did. I've also found out people are really comfortable dying around me. I am now the Angel of death. Here are a few easter pictures. I did manage too cook a ham, homemade rolls, asparagus, and a cake during all the visits and phone calls. Oh.. and I didn't get a day off for all the work. So that's 20 hours of overtime.