Saturday, November 28, 2009


The weather was nice yesterday so we went out. Clayton loves being outside. He also loves falling. He has a few new bumps and bruises. He is the BOSS around here. I'm glad Thanksgiving is over. I 'hosted' about 20 people. It was so nice having the house open. And my new table is wonderful. I have enough table space to seat 12 people comfortably. We are enjoying our house even more since the renovation. Our gas stove is hooked up and I have it running now. I can't wait til Greg gets the mantle made. I know it will be beautiful.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Here is a video of our newly remodeled house. We will both be glad when the renovating is done. Sorry this is just a quick look. I am certainly no videophotographer. It would have been nice to have someone sexy to do the narrating also.

Back Online

We are finally back online. We had our internet hooked back up last week but then a cable went bad. They fixed it today. I took Clayton to play at the park on Monday. He had a big time. He squealed each time he went down the slide. His most favorite thing to do was play in the dirt and rocks though. He is definately all boy. Our renovation is about 3/4 done. We have trim left to do and we need to hook up our new gas stove. We are not going to rush on the trim. We have mess in the garage before he can even get to it. I'll try to post a video later of the remodel.