Monday, September 28, 2009

Renovation & Taylor

The sheetrockers came today and finished up. They textured the ceiling in the new rooms and bathroom. I need to wait at least 2 days and then I can start painting. This weekend when I get these 2 rooms painted we can start laying our floors. Yeh! I was ready this weekend for this to be done. I do not like living in chaos. I would like to redo the kitchen someday, but I'll have to forget about this renovation first.

Taylor was wonderful to watch. She put on a good show. I hope the girls enjoyed it. They seems somewhat speechless. I enjoyed it. She came into the audience pretty close to our section. She likes to flip her hair around. And she had about 5 or 6 outfit changes. Kelly Pickler and Gloriana were her opening acts. In these pictures the guy in the blue is her bodyguard. He looked very stressed.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Phase 2 & 3

The header is up and the door filled in the new dining room. We are really pleased with our carpenter. Now we need to find someone to respray the ceilings after they are all patched.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Renovation: Phase 1 & 2

We are renovating our living and dining areas. Yesterday, Greg tore sheet rock off the wall in between the living and dining rooms. He also pulled up all the carpet in these rooms and the hallway.

We have a small room off the garage. We will be changing this to the dining room. You can see in the picture he changed that wall and made the opening bigger. This room now has 2 doors in it to the garage. Wasted space. We are filling in one of the doors to make more wall space and better insulate the room.

Today he and dad worked on electrical stuff. I am so glad I had to work. Tomorrow he is going to (rain permitting) sheetrock the new and improved wall leading to the 'new' dining room. The wall in between the living in dining rooms is load bearing. Monday we have a guy coming to help us with that. Will post more pictures soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This video would be good if you could blot out my voice. The very end makes it worth it. We are getting ready to knock down a wall, paint and put down hard wood floors. We are also putting in some gaslogs for this winter. What fun!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Clayton is a big boy. Laura he likes his new shoes.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Balloon Ride

Clayton and I went up in a hot air balloon. I love roller coasters and theme park rides but this was a bit like the Ferris Wheel. I do NOT like Ferris Wheels. I wore my brave face. Clayton always has on his brave face.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Playing in the yard

Notice anything different about our yard??


I remember a lot of things. Seeing this house Mema used to live in brought back a lot of memories. All good. I remember exactly where the teacakes were. When I cleaned that cabinet out I had to hold back the tears. I can still smell them. I remember Mema bought me some jelly shoes. I can still remember the exact moment she gave them to me. We were at the back entry. I remember when she bought some frozen cookies off a truck that had over turned. She new where to get rid of them at. I remember one Sunday, Papa sitting in a chair in the bathroom while she styled his hair. I still don't understand why she had to do that. Greg would never let me do his hair. I remember our last Thanksgiving dinner here. Granny Renfroe came over but she insisted on sitting on the back porch because she had so much 'wind.' I remember sleeping with Mema, one of the only times I remember sleeping over. I got sick during the night and she wiped my mouth with a wash cloth. I remember one night I had to sleep with Lewis Allen in the spare bedroom. I was scared to move the whole night. I guess I was afraid I might roll over and get Lewis cooties. This may have been the night I threw up. That's not all I remember but it is all I'm going to write about.